A world of enduring
health and prosperity
is possible!

Our grandchildren deserve to inherit an effective and responsive political system that works for the benefit of the whole – an efficient government that protects our inalienable rights and fosters a healthy economy while preserving resources for the benefit of coming generations of human and non-human life. When we get the balance right, solutions will be implicit in the day-to-day conduct of our lives.


In recent years, on all sides of the political spectrum, tremendous amounts of energy have been expended resisting those we disagree with, and blaming them for the apparent lack of effective action. That approach is obviously not working out well for any of us.

What if we focused instead on appreciating where we share common values? What if we used our common ground to move forward in addressing the most pressing challenges that we face?   What if we were willing to suspend our entrenched position long enough to explore crafting a synthesis of the best that each party and faction has to offer. I favor the convening of transpartisan dialogues at every level of our body politic to break the current stalemate so that our energies can be channeled into identifying and implementing elegant solutions that work for everyone.

Corporate Influence in Politics

By their very nature, people have created and maintained corporations to maximize short-term financial profits, which they do by minimizing costs wherever possible. Large corporations have used their massive financial resources to interfere in the political process (with our continuing permission) such that they gain free or cheap title to resources that are the common wealth, the birthright of every living individual, human and non-human. Corporations privatize profits for their owners while socializing costs to all of us, future generations and other species included. They extract natural and human capital without responsible care, and they dump damaging waste products back into the living systems on which all life depends, without being held accountable for the consequences.

While I am not suggesting that we do away with corporations, I am suggesting that we restrict their participation on our democracy, charge them for what they extract or draw from the commons, and hold them to account for what they put back into the living systems on which life depends. Government should be trustees and stewards of our common wealth, on behalf of every current and future citizen.

I support a constitutional amendment that states “Corporations are not people and money is not free speech.”